Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Meal Plan #1

I've tried to be both exhaustive and realistic with this. Maybe that wasn't the best idea.

Exhaustive in that it lists every meal I need to make this week, and realistic in that I didn't include the little details like the fact that I'll be serving hard apple cider with our sausage dinner. Not a good idea because the end result is confusing. 

I'm forced to admit my own room for improvement.

But for today, and for the sake of just getting on with things, I'll leave you with this:

it's for 8 days because I make the plan on Mondays but shop on Tuesdays

This is an unusually pricey meal plan {meat-heavy}

I did this because it's a little easier to demonstrate some basic concepts

Next week I will demonstrate more money-saving techniques {like making sandwich meat}

I  don't think I'll continue to list breakfasts and lunches

Does anyone else make their husband's lunches all week?

I want to talk about lunches - but apart from meal planning. any takers?

I don't want to be old-fashioned 'cause it's quaint, but I do kind of want to eat how they did in renaissance Europe. Oh, gee do I mean that? I'm not sure. But I want to try eating porridge every morning, dry bread with fermented ale for a farmers snack and hearty venison and potato stew for supper. Maybe I'll try it out...
Oh, and have I made it clear that I'm eating seasonally

{I promise to improve my handwriting} 

Those dinners again are:

  • Spaghetti squash with marinara sauce
  • Sausages and sauerkraut
  • Veal meatballs with yoghurt, dosas and beats
  • French onion soup with cheese and bread
  • Beef stew {actually planning boeuf bourguignon}
  • Leftovers or dinner at Mimi's
  • Potatoes Anna and eggs {for me and the kids}
  • Black bean soup

Questions? I love them! I'm off to preschool and the grocery store, but when I return... let's get to work!

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