Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Meal Plan Intro

A meal plan is a good idea. It can save time, money, loads of energy. 

But there are other good ideas too. My favorites of which include: being hearty, having flexibility and maintaining an every-growing vast knowledge of homey little recipes.

Currently I am involving many of my favorite things in a program I'm calling HOME-MAKING IMMERSION. ;)

The six principles of my home-making/meal-planning program are:
  • take time to make food appealing
  • learn to enjoy {and properly prepare!} leftovers
  • remain flexible
  • practice slowing down
  • breath
  • and keep the following ingredients on hand:
    • frozen chicken stock
    • assortment of favorite dried legumes and grains
    • coconut oil
    • butter
    • olive oil
    • good cider vinegar
    • assortment of seasonal vegetables
    • {for further pantry-stocking ideas see here}

In theory, I don't need a meal plan. Having highly nutrient dense basic foods on hand and a good understanding of how to properly prepare them is {like I said, in theory} all we need.
Here's why I plan it out anyway: I'M TERRIBLY FORGETFUL! 

Meal planning reminds me when my husband is working a strange shift and I'll need to prepare a large meal at any other time than dinner, it reminds me to soak my grains the night before I cook them, it reminds me to give myself a day off now and then and most importantly it is a most excellent proof of my daily shortcomings. 

Yes, I will fail this week and you will witness it. Every week when I STILL forget to soak something or when I just haven't the energy to make that stew, the plan is ruined and I have to get over it.

Okay, let's go!
{stay tuned for mealplan #1}

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