About Me

Well, let's just get one thing straight: I'm no domestic goddess.

And if you're thinking I'm going to convince you that whole foods have saved me or that "the best food alive" can save you, well... you're welcome here, but I am sure to disappoint.

You see, I'm just a girl {no, really.} I'm a daughter and a mother, sandwiched in a loving mess of generational foodies.

Food really matters to me.

More importantly, however, I am amazed by the power and love of God and his ability to transform this arrogant kid into a humble and patient woman {a mother no less!}; I am interested in becoming all that I can be, but not in being self-made or constantly reinvented; I want to learn to honor my parents and nurture my children; but yes {finally, and perhaps least importantly of all} I desire greatly to help change the way Americans view, grow, prepare and eat FOOD.

I am {i suppose} a food renegade, a whole foods believer, and one very happy eater. {and long sentence-maker!}

Join me as we fight for our food "rights" and learn to feed our families REAL food.